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Circular(ARC) Screen

Circular(ARC) Screen Series due to its high technical content, the price is expensive, commonly before the virtual simulation system for control, and scientific research, recently began to the fair hall, exhibition, industrial design, education training and a conference center professional field.

Among them, the fair museum is the biggest application of this technology place, at present, has been in the domestic many kebo hall get promotion and application, the new visual display technology can reveal the fair museum advanced and innovative, in the next several years will not be eliminated.

Jiusen with its powerful software's research and development ability and hardware system integration ability, has been committed to the multi-channel HuanMu (stereo/the stereo) projection system development and research, has now for the domestic related units of the construction HuanMu projection system, the advanced nature of the technology in the industry have a very high reputation, at present the emperor au Xavier have become one of science and technology of virtual reality is one of leading enterprise in the industry.

Multichannel stereo projection application field :

Energy development: oil and gas reservoir simulation and simulation; Geological exploration; Mineral layout mining;

Simulated driving: a flight simulator, navigation simulation, car driving simulation; Teaching and training, demonstration, training; Product display/exhibition, new product launches;

The modern manufacturing: digital prototype/digital prototype/product analysis; Virtual design/virtual manufacturing/virtual assembly; Manufacturing process simulation and analysis;

VR/GIS (geographic information system) : terrain/landscape/digital earth; Land resources planning; Water conservancy, basin, regional planning and analysis;

Building view and city planning: digital city planning, the development of the new city construction; Building visual, real estate development and community planning; Roads and traffic signs;

Virtual medical/chemical/biological engineering: virtual hand medical (surgical anatomic/medical/medicine development); Gene/genetic/molecular structure; Life science, chemistry, biology research;

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