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Metal arc soft curtain of high brightness and perfect color reduction has as its listed and popularization for gradually known. But more people want to know who it why it's projection than glass bead curtain effect good so much, it reflected how is a principle. In fact it is very simple reflection principle

Jiusen  metal arc soft curtain of its special metal reflective material makes the projector shoot the light reflection to the eyes of all the audience, almost no waste. This is why the gain is one of the causes of the high brightness. And glass bead screen glass bead makes the projector shoot the light in all directions scattering, this is also the brightness of the screen glass bead gain is hard to improve the reasons. Then they found in to run (namely open lamp open the curtain), glass bead curtain will have strong mist white background, and soft metal screen color reduction is extremely good, this is why?

Soft metal screen due to the unique metal reflective material, it can not be top of the lights and the sunshine outside next to reflect the eyes of the audience. And glass bead screen glass bead will carry all the scattering (light, sunshine, etc) makes audience "panorama". The glass bead curtain that run with mist white under the background and the two screen has a different color reduction of reason. In fact, soft metal screen and can't give the projector graces, it is just the facts of the projector will reflect the quality to the audience; And glass bead curtain is will light, sunshine, the projector light mix together to the audience reflection. Say simply, glass bead curtain can't run a single reflect light of the projector. The only can solve glass bead curtain mist white background method is to turn off the lights and close the curtains. So glass bead curtain can only in the darkness of the environment watch projection, this virtually limits the development of the projector. Although soft metal and glass bead curtain of screen reflection principle are diffuse, but its the reflection effects was very different, are worlds apart. Simply understand its reflection principle will also know the law concering nothing.

Soft metal screen features a, brightness gain high (Angle) soft metal screen brightness gain in an average of 3 above, and white wall gain of just 0.7, white plastic screen for 0.9, were in the projector lumens brightness have attenuation; Ordinary glass bead curtain only 2 or so in gain. Practice shows that the projector on the 2000 lumens in soft metal screen effect is better than 3000 lumens image projector on ordinary glass bead curtain in the image effects. And soft metal screen Angle of view has also stretcher to 80-110 °. Second, color reduction good (not partial color) soft metal screen of the imported high reflection metal reflective material pressure film is made, the reflected principle and reflective effect and the common white plastic and glass bead curtain is completely different. Soft metal screen no refractive index, not destroy the polarized light, i.e. : no partial color, visual stereo image. So can pursue the projector gorgeous colour, image clear all index (such as: brightness and resolution, contrast, evenness, color temperature, etc) is almost perfect to restore. And glass bead curtain of the projector, because light must be two ChuanShe glass bead, make was badly damaged by polarized light, cause color offset, image distortion, the pursuit of the projector gorgeous colour all effort. So soft metal screen color reduction is any other screen can match; Soft metal screen visible stereo image characteristic is any other screen is unable to do so. Three, resistance of environmental light interference (no mist white background) along with the continuous improvement of the projector lumens, run in next projection has become demand and possible, but glass bead curtain because of its characteristics suitable for dark environment, under glass bead curtain in the run is vulnerable to environmental light interference makes the "mist white background"; The background on the projector image color interference so serious that the projector image effect can never with LCD (LCD) and PDP (plasma screen) rival. And soft metal screen with metal reflective coating and its special reflective principle, make its are less vulnerable to environmental light effect, in to run the viewers to see is not ordered "mist white background" image; So WAITON metal curtain can still run to the projector on the image keep colour is gorgeous, together with high brightness gain, so soft metal screen run very suitable for next projection. Four, the green environmental protection, no radiation, no peculiar smell) soft metal screen don't use benzene, xylene, acetone, ring agent such as ketone solvents, no special odor, without any damage to human body health. Five, installation, use convenient, long life soft metal screen in order to adapt to the masses of users, especially the education industry and easy installation of the mobile user requirements,; Roller bearing motor oil by ten thousand times test, mute and durable; The curtain imported special high reflection metal materials pressure membrane attached, normal use won't fall off, not yellow, brightness gain never attenuation. Six, antistatic, easy to clean, beautiful and easy soft metal screen metal reflective material to esd protection layer, protection to both the metal reflective material not oxidation, and prevent electrostatic generation. Even from dust, with soft cloth to wipe can. Soft metal screen roller adopts the international fashion design, the beauty is generous. The metal screen features

Soft metal screen tent gain perspective high hard size without no polarized light not destroy the refractive index does not destroy color reduction to the highest resolution is high contrast of environmental light interference to greatly run for projection for response speed of good flatness and quickly without no clear easily the best static electricity to the green environmental protection to smell without no long service life is the longest handling easy installation inconvenience Soft metal screen let projection more interesting

Follow the steps of the projector development, projection screen recently also change quickly, mainly in the projection screen the use of new materials. The projection screen with new materials of the projector image effect of unexpected ascending function. For example: a 30000 yuan of the projector, tie-in a piece of good quality, and gain a strong projection screen (price in the RMB 2000-3000 yuan), the screen can be as effective as a 50000 yuan of the projector, tie-in a general, gain is not strong quality of the projection screen (price in the RMB 300-500 yuan) picture comparable. Recently, a kind of a polymer metal composite materials for the main material of soft metal screen in appeared on the market, it can run in under normal use, to achieve a truly to run projection, and projection results refreshing.

Soft metal screen of three characteristics:

A, high brightness, colourful, not dazzling: brightness, gray level, colour saturation is human eye color images to influence the quality of the judgment three key elements, and three elements is the most important in brightness. If brightness is not enough can't reflect beautiful beautiful colour. Glass bead curtain image is always reflect the foggy. And use the soft metal screen brightness is high and the image without mist white background, with "gorgeous" to describe the fitting. Glass bead curtain of mist white background on people's eyes stimulate strong, long time to cause loss at sight; And soft metal screen is to the viewers has vision better protection, in a meeting or listening more don't have to turn off the lights when pull a curtain, can see the images and notes, can saying is the end of the dark weapon.

Second, promote the use of units of the class: in the developed countries most companies and school is used metal screen, its beautiful appearance and high quality of the result, the company and the school foil more upscale. But in China, because the price of the metal screen import high, let a lot of companies and schools and stopped looking. Although the use of metal screen is no longer a dream, because now we have Chinese production of soft metal screen, and has caught up with and more than the international advanced level, the price also than imported metal screen is much lower.

Three, save money: general projection in the classroom or meeting room to turn on the light or curtain open under the premise of glass bead curtain to see projection images, at least 3000 lumens brightness of 2500-the projector, same condition, in the soft metal screen, the projector as long as 1200-1500 lumens can, the lumen of two kinds of different price difference of the projector nearly 2-30000 yuan. So, to use soft metal screen will greatly reduce the cost of projection system. Most users in the choose and buy when faced with high projection system often put the investment, want to less money and could not reach the expected effect. And use the soft metal screen collocation comes out of the projection system, can solve this problem.

Besides using a soft metal screen can also save the projector for the maintenance of the investment. A 2200 lumens hypothesis of the projector, the life of the bulb is 1500 hours, with common in the tent, need to achieve high brightness picture, the only way is to increase the brightness of the projector bulb, and so I was greatly shorten the service life of the bulb. If using a soft metal screen, can reduce the brightness of the light bulbs and prolong the service life of the bulb, and this can save you some costs. Both high brightness, high quality, and with the international community, the more to save money, only the collocation WAITON (wei's) soft metal screen projection system can achieve. How to eliminate the projection image mist white background with big screen the rapid development of the industry and the projector in forces, organizations, schools, large public places, large entertainment industry, high-end home theater, and other fields of application, people are more and more for the projector function of diversity, use convenient of attracted, and for its large screen and shock strength the appeal of the temptation. But people also more and more regret that at present the colour TV set is projection images or plasma screen of colourful, always have a layer of white mist, jargon that have "mist white background". One, "the mist white background" causes of low lumens early projector, overhead projector on the hundreds of lumen white plastic screen brightness of the image may not allow the existence of other light source. In addition to turn off the lights off the indoor curtain, also use brunet floor, etc. In total darkness under the environment of the image contrast and color is still not satisfying. With the continuous improvement of the projector lumens, glass bead curtain also with 2 or so instead of gain no gain white plastic screen, the projector in dark environment on the image more and more satisfying, people immediately hope and a growing need for a light or other lights in the "run" environment can still see so satisfactory results. But people in the light and open the curtain but was surprised to find that glass bead curtain abnormal bleached; In "run" projection, no matter how high the projector lumens, invest in glass bead curtain image on all has "mist white background", this background that the projector on the color hair shallow, white, can't restore. So it seems that "mist white background" reasons of by other outside the projector is in the light, "miscellaneous light" exposure to the glass bead curtain of the glass beads from. Second, a "mist white background" to eliminate "mist white background" of projection of the image color reduction has great influence to almost all of the projector pursue gorgeous colour effort. The simplest approach is to eliminate all the miscellaneous light, in all the black indoor watching projection image-but this not only returned to the "dark projection, dark meeting" of the vicious circle, also hindering the development of the projector, more make the projector lumen continuously improve lost meaning. So people have been looking the other way. WAITON (wei's) soft metal screens to let people in "run" saw no "mist white background", colour can equal ion screen projection images comparable. In fact, soft metal screen goal is to realize the development "to run projection". She and glass bead curtain of compared is most characteristic: high brightness, color reduction and no mist white background, run for projection; Her reflection principle and glass bead screen are all "diffuse", but reflected effect was very different (see above). Practice proves the projector using a soft metal screen imaging is to eliminate projection image mist white of the background of the best solution.

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