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Interaction of large Rear Screen

The use of advanced camera visual capture, retrieve, and recognize human fingers or other natural items in the projection screen position, through calculation, the finger in the projection screen coordinates transformation for the physics on the computer screen coordinates and the logic of control instruction. Realize fingers or other natural items in the projection screen touch choose, open the interface and convert the pictures, information query, drag and control function. The user can not only to watch the projection of high quality image, and at the same time also can use your finger on the surface of the glass, and choose the content they are interested in, or related information query. If a certain time no one touch, the system can be independent broadcast information content is set, when someone touches, it automatically switch for interactive information display state. But water cloth to wipe maintenance.

Screen size optional the gender is strong: thoroughly solved the common touch screen screen size too small problems;

Long service life: projection screen surface with transparent toughened glass protection device, normal touch surface will not be damaged glass projection screen.

Application places: the system will be widely used in interactive digital window advertising, big screen multimedia Tours and information query, exhibition venues interactive exhibition booth, intelligent big screen monitoring scheduling system, building the hall radio and inquiry system, interactive digital cinema star window system.

The system characteristics: the screen big, the picture is meticulous downy, colour is gorgeous vivid performance characteristics; Its unique touch selection, inquires the function, makes users to be more convenient to deeply understand the required information content. The user need only in the projection screen surface glass touch and click, it can control the computer, and on the user's sight, won't see like other products that are covered with all kinds of wire around and data cables, bring the user a mysterious magic and feeling.

Installation mode and environment:

The projection screen posted in transparent toughened glass surface, projection system and sensor system hoisting in indoor roof or metope position.

Environmental requirements:

* screen about 2 meters high, suitable for hand touch height;

* the projector and screen according to the distance between the screen size and calm;

* the sensor receive maximum no more than 3 m distance;

* according to the environment, and the screen do adjust processing light ahead.


Display specifications 4:3, 16:9, 40 "120 "

Precision absolutely about 5 mm, relative 2 mm, no drift

Correction methods driver provide correction

Adjust the sensitivity software

Typical response speed in 100 to 300 between ms ms

The operating system Windows/XP

Temperature range:-40 ℃ to + 70 ℃

Humidity: 0% to 95%

The sensor to screen the minimum distance of 0.5 m, the biggest 3 m distance sensor screen center height + /-1.5 m

Not only can replace the bottom pictures, also can replace the bottom video, such as man through immediately after playing a promo.

Replace hd video support, such as on stage, can be used for stage background, and VIP, host, or an actor and interaction, and can be used for unveiled, etc.

Good compatibility, expansibility, support edge and melt.

Can two tracking, such as flower spread out, immediately to follow a LOGO design, etc.

The system characteristics (1) multimedia display, interactive games, such as a new advertising carrier of the application of best choice; (2) wonderful interactive realize dynamic image, amazing advertising attention effect; (3) of interactivity, interest, recreational, practical, many kinds of effect of form; (4) entertainment experience, two-way interaction, fashionable carrier, advertisers is new bestow favor on; (5) the operation is simple, everyone can participate in zero distance. The ground interactive projection you can add any a piece of plain floor areas into exciting real-time interactive the magic of the land.

General projection of the interaction between the ground is the ground is cast way, and is also the most often we see interactive projection. Let people come when you least expect them to interact with the ground through the effect.

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