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The exhibition features performances screen

Jiusen  performance because it has a projection screen exhibition special optical structure and will be able to absorb environment light "black membrane of the grating", control the direction of the light path "micro prisms", a special "micro surface structure the proliferation of film", high reflectivity "glass bead reflective layer" and other high-tech materials of perfect combination of extraordinary. Jiusen screen technology also upgrade the digital projector image effects. Because along with the digital projector brightness rise ceaselessly, the role of the projection screen made a great change. Digital projector has not turn to the screen to obtain high gain the bright image display. The new problem is images show high brightness, and lack of black mixed the performance of the contrast. Nine sen company for this newly developed and launched the series screen new products, and the use of special form the scattering of surface layer, ascension of black and white image performance ability, and shadow on the performance of the details. And further improve the black level, improve the picture color saturation and shadows of the detail of the performance. And to the environment has strong ability of light resistance, make projection screen from environmental light influence; Can realize the big screen display bright. So nine sen projection screen in the big screen system is used widely, all projection screen is to belong to customer, seamless technology can make the maximum size of the screen to 27432 mm x 12192 mm

In certain project the light Angle. The projection flux under the condition of invariable. Projection screen one direction brightness and the brightness of the ideal state than, called the direction of brightness coefficient. Among them is called the gain maximum projection screen. It reflects the reflected light projection screen projection of the ability. Is the measure of the relative magnitude of the screen brightness and different screen of the parameters of the optical properties materials. We usually take the dull the white wall gain as 1. If the projection screen gain less than 1, will weaken the project the light projection screen gain greater than if 1. Will reflect the refraction of light or more projection.

Jiusen  performance exhibition of projection screen is the same point screen contrast the most light (white) and the most dark (black) brightness ratio, high contrast means relatively high brightness and color gorgeous present level. Contrast to the influence of the visual effect is very key is, in general, the greater the contrast, image clearer striking, colour also sharper gorgeous; And contrast small, it'll make the whole picture all the overcast. High contrast for image sharpness, details performance, gray levels have very great help to performance. Black and white contrast in some large text display, CAD display and black and white photographs showing the and so on, high contrast in black and white contrast, product definition, integrity and other aspects have a significant advantage. Relatively speaking, in the color level, high contrast to the influence of the image is not obvious. Video shows for dynamic contrast to greater effect on some, because the dynamic image of light and shade conversion is faster, contrast, the higher people's eyes the easier to distinguish such conversion process. The contrast of plasma generally reach 1000:1 above, part of products as high as 10000:1 above, generally choose and buy 2000:1 above can meet the needs of the most cases. In addition, look from exterior figure, the contrast of plasma is much higher than the liquid crystal TV, but this is largely the differences caused by measuring method, practical difference is not so obvious.

Finally, the performance of the projection screen exhibition homogeneity and projection technology closely related, the high screen to ensure uniformity in horizontal and vertical direction, a 180 degrees in 0 watch showing. The screen brightness and color images will appear more consistent, but the screen surface material is able to the uniformity of the projector picture of a good uniformity of the complementary role

And the peak brightness projection screen is to point to, when the audience is located in the front screen, in vertical to the screen center to watch when the screen for value, also known as 0 degrees observation shaft peak gain. When the audience from the center to move around. The brightness of the projection images will be decreased obviously, when brightness to the peak brightness, however, the screen is half a gain for gain. The Angle of the screen is a half gain Angle. A half gain greater perspective. The screen content can be more people from different angles clear to see. According to the use of the environment and the choice screen gain and the half gain Angle is very important.

The projection screen wide high ratio is also a more important technology index, it will directly affect the quality of the picture. Only the projection screen width ratio of the projector and high resolution TV industry in natural resolution, the resolution is to measure with clarity, the unit is TV line (TVLine), the signal source signal source signal source is that we say normally signal generator, signal generator generally divided into function signal generator and arbitrary waveform generator, and function waveform generator on the design and distinguish between simulation and digital synthesis type. Our products will be in the resolution for completely, can make the show perfect.

Jiusen of the exhibition's current performance of high projection screen width ratio has the following kinds:

4:3, it is mainly used in video/PC image display;

16:9, mainly used in high definition television images showed;

1.85:1, mainly for the wide screen TV signal images provide support;

2.35:1, is mainly used in wide screen stereo image display.

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Can be used ranging from the show window, the performance center, video and audio demonstration center, exhibition center, department stores, silver and other relevant application of the museum.

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