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Multi-touch System
Solution Introduction:

Multi-touch System is independently researched and developed by our company. Visitors can make different sizes of the images only by touching on the screen.


Tasks of Multi-touch System are divided into two parts, one is collecting multidrop signal and the other is recognizing the meaning of each signal, also referred to as gesture recognition. The traditional Touch System can recognize only one drop of signal at one time, and will make an incorrect or confused response if over two points on the screen are touched at the same time.

Applications of multi-touch:

People have used iphone will know how interesting multi-touch is. One needs to enlarge certain parts, particularly in a picture, to get a clear picture when surfing on the Internet.

The fact turns out beyond people’s expectation that enlarging or diminishing images is just one of the examples multi-touch applies.  How it can be used is up to developers’ ideas. Programmers can produce new operation modes with multi-touch, for example, to play piano on a hard glass. And another example is PS Simulator of iphone mobile. It manages a combinatorial input for direction keys and other buttons through multi-touch.

Applications of multi-touch system:

Google earth (multi-touch)

Visitors will know how the earth looks from the outer space through the round image. They can rotate the image with hands and find where China lies, and then by enlarging the image they can look into the certain city expected.

Thanks to multi-touch technology, it gets more convenient and individualized for people to read a map.

Video interactive wall (multi-touch)

One can enlarge an image of a video file with his hands from several fixed video files on the screen wall, and enjoy a clear watching. One can also diminish the selected video image and then enlarge another interested to enjoy.

Picture interactive wall (multi-touch)

One can choose one of the pictures on the screen wall and enlarge it with his hands for details and then diminish. When all pictures in the page are finished, one can enjoy another page with a slight right-direction drag on the image. 

Desktop System

People may have got used to click or touch the icons on the desktop with a single mouse key or finger. Have you thought about touching the screen with more fingers for more advanced features? For example, you may want to rotate or scale the images, or to drag or rotate or size the window as you want. All these have come true for the appearance of multi-touch system, which is referred to as a revolutionary breakthrough that provides a way for human-technology interaction. People can enjoy the displayed contents more individually and operate with two hands.

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