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360 -degree holographic imaging phantom
Solution Introduction:

360 -degree holographic phantom imaging is based on the " spectroscopic imaging" optics , the actual three-dimensional video source through a special optical mirror reflection in the air to form a virtual three-dimensional scene , the wide-screen environment, the scene model and lighting conversion, gives a visual impact , and the 360 degree point of view three-dimensional images are displayed . The system is looming , unreal and unpredictable , very intuitive , able to quickly attract the attention of the audience .

Phantom imaging characteristics of holographic

1st, Stylish , high-tech display of products

2nd, Surrounded by a transparent , the real space of 360 degree imaging

3rd, Bright color, a sense of space and perspective, the formation of air phantom

4th, Combination of physical models, realization of peculiar fusion imaging and physical goods.

Video imaging applications:

1.Museums, science museums , museum planning , exhibition industry

2. Hotels, corporate showrooms, exhibition site

3. Shopping malls, supermarkets , promotions, new product releases

4. Bar, hall KTV, performance facility, square and so on

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