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Holographic projection
Solution Introduction:

Holographic projection , also known as interactive mirror , interactive windows , nano- transparent touch screen , is used in glass or acrylic paste on the import of holographic film to video content with the projection display products , holographic projection does not show when the glass and sub- Chris is completely transparent , when it will start showing the "sudden" emergence of a clear holographic projection , and can also interact by touching and wonderful images . Holographic projection is a strong contrast , the effect is magical , a strong sense of psychological accidents show a high-tech multi-media items .    Holographic projection has many advantages : any shape , easy to install ; image quality, two-sided imaging, novelty and strong . Holographic projection is widely used , all kinds of medium and large exhibition hall , gymnasium, film opera , wedding photography, banks, department stores , hotels, restaurants, stores , airports , railway stations, subway , and any shop , business premises windows , building glass wall , the use of holographic projection can have access to "Company" , "Products" , " promotional activities " such as the promotion of good results.
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