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Phantom imaging system
Solution Introduction:

Phantom imaging principle is the use of optical illusion , or the shooting of digital computers produced images ( people, objects ) projected onto the real stadium real specific location , resulting in a " three-dimensional illusion " and the "real scene " clever blend as one of the realistic visual display of results , according to the needs coupled with sound, light , odor, smoke , etc., the actual situation and inscrutable, dreamy , giving the left a very deep impression . Phantom imaging system consists of three-dimensional model of the scene , style lighting systems, optical imaging systems, video playback systems, computer multimedia systems , audio system and control system , can achieve great scenes , complex production lines , large-scale products of realistic display. Phantom imaging for presentation of scientific laws , to clarify scientific principles , tells the story of enterprise development , introduction Famous enterprises have a good effect , all kinds of applications in the areas of museums, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall , science museums , archives, recreation hall, exhibition , fairs , libraries, former residences of celebrities , hundred town , historic street , a theme park , Heritage Park, mountains and rivers , etc., are very extensive.
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