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Building 3D projection
Solution Introduction:

Building 3D projection , also known as 3D projection show , outdoor advertising 3D projection , 3D projection naked eye , such as building body projection is a projection using high-power devices , the use of optical projection principle , the use of high-brightness light source , a virtual reality technology , the naked eye 3D animation means , three-dimensional sense of space will be very dynamic picture and advertising content projected onto the walls of tall buildings and into buildings interact with the projected image with the one -dimensional , half-truths , the actual situation, in the formation of polar night the visual impact of a large screen. It can be widely used in various celebrations , outdoor advertising , the city lights works. I believe in the near future , living in downtown streets, whether it is commercial walking street , or stroll in the historical monuments , we can see 3D projection show their skills in outdoor advertising.

  Building 3D projection shows major celebrations abroad , leading to applications in outdoor advertising company , made ​​sensational publicity , radio, television , newspapers and other traditional media, race reports, website, blog , net posts , microblogging , mobile phones and other new media widely disseminated. Web Video : Independence Day of Ukraine 's second largest city of Kharkov in Ukraine to commemorate the celebration of the 3D projection show of light and shadow show, very cool , super- Hyun ! also attract the eye , causing the crowd screaming Samsung, LG, BMW and other business advertising 3D projection show.

  The company launched the "virtual 3D projection show", used for building 3D projection show, 3D projection advertising, according to customer demand for a variety of configurations and combinations: from projecting 10 square - 100 square, big enough to put 200 square - 500 square, brightness can reach 15000 N lumens, and even can reach thousands of square meters of throwing area.The large area of the advertisement, and the increasing of city lighting engineering of large landmark buildings and City Commercial Plaza, stand-alone can not meet the high brightness, large screen when requested, the machine combined splicing picture and multiple machine superimposed brightening technology solutions.

  3D projection show, high-resolution high- brightness projection , edge-blending and distortion correction , the naked eye 3D animation , multi-machine parallel processing and many other high-tech, traditional forms of advertising media, the effect is difficult to achieve ; the performance of their advertising practices and flexible , innovative by the naked eye 3D, animation and other special video effects application attachments , and effective in attracting people 's attention ; building outdoor projection advertising during the day does not affect the image of the building , night lighting project that can add style . Compared with the traditional outdoor advertising , even with a very excellent price of traditional advertising light box , just a dull picture , and city management point of view from the city , generally facing the traditional outdoor billboard " pollution" : 1 , the traditional outdoor advertising security risks . Bad weather can easily cause instability in the outdoor installation of billboards and other injuries caused by the collapse accident . 2 , the cost of expensive. 3, the light pollution. 4 , destruction of buildings. With the domestic clean-up efforts to increase outdoor advertising , 3D projection show outdoor advertising , but also because effective to avoid the traditional outdoor advertising, these disadvantages would be of great market space.

  Building 3D projection show is an environmentally friendly , energy efficient, stylish new advertising media products, but also meet the needs of urban beautification . Since the replacement of advertising only replace the digital files , not the traditional sign making posters for a long time , the concerns of expensive , but no replacement schedule when the waste problem , save time and money ; relative to traditional media ( neon signs, light boxes , billboards, spotlights etc.) , the light of the media only takes a very low cost film , set to save space , screen production and other aspects of the huge costs , greatly reduce the advertising cost per thousand. " Virtual Reality 3D projection show" media equipment installation and commissioning quick and easy , save effort , is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way to advertise , market outlook , broad unlimited .

 In the eyeball economy era, building 3D projection advertising through a multi- machine interaction , and some special effects technology, can produce many such as animation, rotating , fluttering , etc., especially the naked eye 3D novelty effect , advertising the performance of techniques and flexible , fashionable , and effective in attracting the audience 's attention , increase retention rates and average visit time. Attract pedestrians stop to watch , greatly improving the degree of reach and memory , today's market , product upgrading each passing day, more competitive advertising market , which requires new advertising media have a higher degree of flexibility. Building 3D projection advertising advertising in a few minutes the screen or replace the advertising content , is ideal for the modern city the efficient operation of commercial.

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