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Multi-media interactive sand table system
Solution Introduction:

  Multi-media interactive sand table model mainly reflects the interactive control function, which focuses more on participants obtain the knowledge and the cntents they need by experiencing it themselves, besides traditional sand table with video function only. This form of sand model has no limits of time and order, so single or multi player can interact. Its characteristic mainly lies in its novelty, comprehensive information communication, vitality, simple operation, no order and time limits; and, what’s more, can be used to entertain lots of customers at the same time.

  The main technologies used in Multi-media interactive sand table model:

  Sound technology: with elegant background music and professional recording voice to increase model’s appeal.

  Photoelectric technology: with imported rice bulb lamp to make lanterns, walk light, street light, environmental light, neon light, fireworks light, automobile headlamps tail light, underwater light, order to increase model’s appeal.

  Water technology: creative developed miniature enclosed true water system, which shows the vivid performance of rivers, lakes, streams, waterway, swimming pool, fountain, music fountain, hot spring water.

  Dynamic technology: with many high-tech electric model technologies, such as mini cars, trains, planes, running, character fitness activities, electric rotary backing plate, electric lift chassis effect and so on.

  Remote control technology: the random control of dynamic system

  Video technology: with the projector, computer 3 D productions, such as cars, trains, ships and other objects in motion, would be cast onto the model, which would be more dynamic; computer 3 D productions, such as fire, running water, cloud and other dynamic image would be projected onto a model to creat atmosphere.

  3 D simulation: It adopts 3 D panoramic and virtual roaming production tools, through which put the camera ring 360 degrees of shooting a group or more photos joining together into a panoramic image. It is possible to watch the corresponding real scene before the projector by pressing the button of the sand table, or by clicking corresponding area on the sand table with a laser pen.

  In the design, in addition to the traditional sand table model, it is also possible to express 3D or TV performance while introducing projects,only by placing a big screen or a big screen display demonstration in the front of the sand table. The only thing needed to do is pressing the button of the sand table, or clicking sand table on corresponding area with a laser pen to choose specific video to introduce.

  Sand table also can be designed with several touchable multimedia interactive devices to introduce the project comprehensively and control the sand table model easily.Meanwhile,  sand table model will apply optical, acoustic and power system for holographic interaction.Through the application of light, lifting and other functions, together with voice introduction, the holographic interaction effect would be achieved easily.

  Application industry:

  Exhibition: the museum, the urban planning, the real estate demo, venue show...

  Real estate: community planning, virtual example room, the floor/ceramic tile/coatings and other virtual building materials...

  Exhibition industry: interactive advertising, 3D products show...

  Industry: industrial control simulation, equipment management, virtual production line...

  The protection of cultural relics: sites recovery, virtual roaming...

  transportation industry: the planning design of roads and bridges, urban traffic simulation, railway system simulation...

  Military: electronic sand table, virtual battle...

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