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Digital sand table model
Solution Introduction:

Digital sand table, also called electronic sand table and multimedia sand table, can simply divided into two kinds: one is two dimensions of digital sand table, the other is multimedia digital sand table,the combination of both physical model and the expression of multimedia technology.

According to the characteristics of digital sand table techniques, experts divide digital sand table into interactive sand table, interactive projection sand table and 3D digital sand table, multi-media interactive electronic sand table, multi-channel digital sand table with sound, light and electric,  bi-channel digital sand table with sound, light and electric,etc.

Digital sand table, according to the industry applications,can be divided into the digital sand table for planning exhibition, for development achievements exhibition, for enterprise demonstration center, for real estate, for theme exhibition hall, for science and technology, for museum, etc.

Digital sand table can meet visitors’ habit to watch close, and also provides rich expressions with sound, light and electric. What’s more, visitors are allowed to enjoy it by themselves and also participate in special interaction. For its high technology, different expression, various showing perspective and content, digital sand table becomes more popular among all levels of customers.

The control technique of digital sand table can be classified into several kinds--

PDA remote control sand table light

It is allowed to demonstrate the sand table changeably with PDA only in the hand, through  PDA and remote control sand table light. It makes multimedia sand table with more effective and greatly improve the sand table for it is no longer restrained to the original devices and can move freely.

Laser pens control sand table’s light

In the specific area of sand table, receivers are set correspondingly. Light of the sand table would shine and, at the mean time, corresponding voice or video content will demonstrate,and only a laser pen is needed to point any area in the sand table.

The stage light with sand table demonstration

In order to highlight the sand table’s demonstration effect, head light, scanner light, color lamp and others would be applied to outstand model demonstration’s effec.Therefore, the above head light plays the correspondin aperture, or plays various patterns and colours for rendering atmosphere in the sand table, when part of lights light on the sand table. For this, the effect of the demonstration would be brighting and impressed.

sand table demonstration with the laser

In order to enrich the method of sand table display, one can use laser with high magnification to outline the specific area of sand table and the corresponding characters, which can replace the original model of lighting. This kind of demostration is more impressive and concentrated.

3D animation with sand table demonstration

Cast the image of 3D simulation accurately to the corresponding position of the entity model. For example, cast the video projection of a 3D car’s moving to the real road of the sand table, which brings more validity with the physical demonstration of interactive sand table displays.

Digital sand table has more impressed and vivid exhibition functions than traditional one, which is widely used in science and technology museums, museums, multimedia exhibition halls, real estate exhibition halls, multi-function meeting rooms,command centers, and other exhibition halls.

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