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4D(Digital four-dimensional) film
Solution Introduction:

Minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema is the first stereo video high-end product with independent property rights. After years of unremitting efforts, with extraordinary design, the product creats its unique stereo image technology, which makes a super low 3 D cinema and attracts others attention. It adopts the latest projection techniques, with our special stereo special equipment and special play device, together with 150 inches of big screen, which makes itself high cost performance. The equipment can be used to see both three-dimensional films and ordinary films, and also be applied in virtual simulation stereo interactive teaching. Its visual impact and immersed sense are extremely strong, which is comparable to lage cinema.

suitable places for applying

  The railway station, bus station, airport, seaport, Park, children's park, tourist attractions, resort

  The applicaton of the minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema in these places would increase both their operating projects for visitors and their income, and also improve people’s appetite there. All in all, the applicaton of the minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema provide people a good chance to enjoy the creative culture while having rest.

  Movie theaters, vedio halls, superstores,shopping centers,leisure squares

  Shopping, entertaining, dining, and multi-functional relaxing are the direction of modern business. The application of minitype 3 D stereoscopic cinema would,to greatest extent, bring vitality and popularity for its innovative and unique culture appetites.

  Bath centers, kindergartens, bars, teahouses, coffee shops, and game halls

  At present, these places cannot meet customers’ individualized  needs. Our minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema will undoubtedly improve your service projects, and brings you competitive  advantage.

  schools, kindergartens, children's palaces

  Minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema is a great tool for popular science education and intelligence cultivating. It combines education with stereo 3 D movie’s culture,which will inspire students' infinite imagination and thinking ability, cultivate teenagers’ interest to science, especially all kinds of three-dimensional science and education which we provide to bring children into a interesting scientific world. For minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema, its positive influence on children is considerable, and its function is immeasurable.

  villages and towns

  Minitype 3D stereoscopic cinema can also be apllied in villages and towns to obtain higher income only with a motorcycle to carry it, which is so convenient.

  other aspests

  Enterprise aspects: this equipment can also help enterprise undertake all kinds of product displays in three-dimensional virtual simulation interactive way, especially the shows of large equipment exhibition and large real estate projects, through which visitors and potential users can experience the interactive operation to learn the products better.

  The government and the municipal construction

  It is a great way for government entities at all levels to show all levels of leaders, Chinese and foreign guests and the general public our municipal construction, key engineering, places of historic interest and so on, which is a good method to attract foreign investment, create city brand and improve urban’s popularity

  Community, army, authority: Enrich cultural life, Show your own image.

  Build circulating cinema

  This equipment can also be used in all aspects, suuch as virtual battle in military, virtual fitness in sports, virtual games and three-dimensional virtual games.

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