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Large screen splicing solution
Solution Introduction:

Large screen splicing is also called the bank of television monitors processor, the bank of television monitors controller, bank of television monitors splicing, demonstrated that wall splicing, the splicing wall controller, the multi-screen processor, the multi-screen splicing processor, demonstrated wall splicing, the large screen processor, the digital splicing processor, the multi-screen image processor, demonstrates the wall processor. Its major function is to divide a complete image signal into several parts, assign them for several  video frequency display units (for example projection unit) , to compose an ultra large screen dynamic image display monitor with many ordinary video frequency units.

system features             

◆ Using an independent real-time hardware channel to transmit RGB signals and real- Video signal , low system resources , to achieve true real-time display .

◆ Single -screen window can be opened multiple signals , RGB and video windows can be any roaming, drag and drop , superimposed .

◆ Real-time RGB and Video windows can be any real-time zoom , enlarge the window after the speed is not reduced, to ensure fast and smooth picture .

◆ Free to open multiple remote IP window , through the network to the remote computer screen displayed dynamically on the big screen . Remote IP window, unlimited roaming, drag and drop , resize , and other overlays .

◆ Flexibility to manage RGB window , video window , remote IP window layout and display . The flexibility to be placed in the window display processor interface anywhere , save and save a good call window layout. Support multiple users.

◆ Users can customize with different source locations to open windows and window layout , while supporting user-friendly to save the file into effect any time , unlimited number of effects .

Application areas

Large-screen display wall projection system ;

Police , military, railway, transport , telecommunications and other Command and Control System ; shops, showrooms , museums, entertainment studio and other places;

Graphic image editing, 3D animation, multimedia design;

Coal mines , transportation, education and other monitoring systems ;

Car showroom , galleries , television studio ;

Finance, trade, market place.

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